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The best way to learn how to work with us is to message us. You can reach me (Maru) through these channels:

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Here are some details about working with us:

Swish & Swosh is a "hands-free" merchandise seller. This means that we handle everything from production to shipping - you only need to provide the designs. This takes the stressful parts away from you, so you have more time to create great art!

Additional to selling for you in our online shop, we also offer to take your merchandise to conventions in Europe - at no additional cost for you!

One of the most important things, but often forgotten by others: we love to tell our customers who created the art we're selling. Every product on our online store and at conventions will let customers know who exactly created the art they fell in love with!

Swish & Swosh also does not hold partners to exclusive merchandise agreements. Our Artists are free to sell their merchandise in their own stores and to have their items sold by other sellers. We created Swish & Swosh to help artists to bring their merchandise to people around the world, and not to limit them!

Do you see something that we're not selling in our online shop yet, but you have a great idea? We're always open for new suggestions, so don't hesitate to discuss it with us!